(2022) NFT Galleries & platforms to show your projects

Are you looking to raise the visibility of your NFT collection? Sure, there is Twitter and other social media sites. However, one of the most intriguing ways to show off your NFT collection is through NFT galleries. Whether you are a creator or a collector, there are a number of benefits that an NFT gallery can offer. At Million Dollar Token Page, we’ll delve into the top NFT gallery platforms to use in 2022.

Since NFT galleries are a relatively new concept, you may have never seen one. Think of an NFT gallery as a virtual art gallery where you can show off your NFT collection. You can show off NFTs that you personally own or NFT that you have created.

In some cases, these NFT galleries are displayed in a metaverse where visitors can view your NFTs in a 3-D environment. Currently, there are a number of NFT galleries that offer free and paid options for creators and collectors.

The Benefits of NFTS Galleries

You may be wondering why you should have your own NFT gallery. There are a number of benefits to displaying your NFTs. Here’s a look at the top three benefits:

1) Show Off Work

Showing off your work can benefit you whether you are a creator or a collector. As a creator, you are able to raise the visibility of your collection and gain more buyers. As a collector, you can potentially increase the value of your work, find buyers and elevate your personal brand.

2) Increase Visibility and Branding

With the dearth of NFT creators and collectors in the current environment, it is important to stand out from the crowd. In fact, we have an in-depth article on how to market, promote and advertise your NFTs. With an NFT gallery, you are able to differentiate yourself from millions of other creators and collectors.

3) Boost Value of NFTs

Finally, you can potentially boost the value of your NFTs by showing off your collection in a controlled environment. This can be particularly advantageous if you want to show off work that will be offered in an NFT marketplace.

NFT galleries VS NFT Marketplaces

In certain ways, an NFT gallery sounds pretty familiar to NFT marketplaces. After all, both platforms show off NFT collections. However, there are some important differences. First, with an NFT gallery, you own and control the environment. Therefore, you can choose the work that is displayed. Along NFT galleries are a great way to engage with your community. An NFT marketplace, on the other hand, shows collections from a number of creators and collections.

Also, you will have to bring visitors to your NFT gallery while NFT marketplaces will generate traffic to your collection. Ultimately, it is a good idea to have your NFT collection displayed in your own NFT gallery while also offering your work on an NFT marketplace.

The Top NFT Galleries

Since NFT galleries are still a relatively new concept, there are a limited number of options. However, early adopters tend to reap the most benefits. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the top NFT galleries that are currently available. The team at Million Dollar Token Page, have selected five top NFT galleries that stand out due to their popularity and other factors:

1). Mynt

Mynt is one of the top NFT galleries which is free to use for both creators and collectors. On Mynt, you can show off individual pieces or bind together complete collections. One of the great features of Mynt is that you can link your work to an NFT marketplace such as Open Sea.

On the front page of the Mynt site, you will also find a list of the top ten collectors. Even if you are not interested in creating your own NFT gallery, you can view the holdings of some of the biggest NFT collectors.

In order to get started, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet. From there, you can create your account and upload your work.

Why Use Mynt?

Right now, Mynt is one of the most popular NFT gallery platforms. The interface is easy to use, free of charge, and allows you to link your NFTs to an NFT marketplace.

2). Spatial

If you are looking to create your NFT gallery in a metaverse environment, then Spatial should be on your list. The 3-D environment is impressive and it creates an immersive environment to show off your NFT collection. Unlike Mynt, there are both free and paid plans for the platform:

  • Free - You can host exhibitions and meet-ups to show off your collection.
  • Pro - This paid plan is for those who want to curate their work in a controlled environment. This plan is $25 per month.
  • Special Event - If you are planning to host a special event, the platform invites you to contact them. This is not an additional cost beyond the Pro level.

To get started with Spatial, you will either need to connect your Metamask wallet or have a supported browser. Currently Spatial works for Google, Apple, and Microsoft Windows users.

Why use Spatial?

Spatial is going to be a smart choice for those who are a little more advanced in their NFT collection experience. If you are looking to launch a major NFT project or if you have a large NFT collection, then taking advantage of the platform’s 3-D gallery environment may make sense.

3) Crytovoxels

For those who want to create an NFT gallery in a pure metaverse environment, Cryptovoxels is going to be a smart choice. Unlike the previous two entries, Cryptovoxels is not solely dedicated to hosting NFT galleries. Instead, Cyrtovoxels is an Ethereum based metaverse that allows the creation of NFT galleries.

One of the big advantages of Crytovoxels is that the platform is free to use for NFT gallery creators. However, there is an option to purchase a parcel of land on the platform if you have a more extensive fanbase. With your own parcel of land, you can have engineers custom build your own NFT gallery.

To get started with Crytovoxels, simply go to the site’s homepage and create a free space. If you have a large following, you can also go to the homepage and purchase a parcel of land.

Why use Cryptovoxels?

Because Cryptovoxels is more of an open metaverse community, you will likely draw more visitors to your gallery. Also, the fact that this 3-D gallery is free to use means that it will be much more beginner-friendly.

4). Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the largest metaverses platforms available and one of the top places to create your own NFT art gallery. This Ethereum based metaverse platform is already popular with NFT collectors and creators. In fact, the auction house Sotheby's recently opened a virtual gallery on the platform.

With Decentralnd, you can create your own NFT art gallery or you can have your work displayed in one of the many already built galleries. The big advantage of Decentraland is that it is already a popular destination for NFT collectors and creators. Therefore, it is well worth your time to show off your work on this platform.

To get started with Decentraland, visit their homepage and connect your Ethereum wallet. If you are not ready to open an NFT gallery or display your work, you can always browse Decentraland as a guest.

Why choose Decentraland?

Decentraland is already popular with NFT creators and collectors. Therefore, you are likely to find an audience right away on the platform. Also, you will have the ability to either have your work displayed or create your own NFT gallery.

Unstoppable Domains is an NFT art gallery platform where you can replace crypto addresses with domain names. This can make it easy for you to show off and display your NFT collection. Now, Unstoppable Domains has gone one step further by creating their own NFT gallery feature. When you purchase a domain, you will be able to set up the NFT gallery feature and show off your collection.

To get started, you will have to connect your Metamask wallet to their .crypto domain. From there, purchase a domain that will connect to your NFT’s crypto address. From there, you will be able to set up your NFT galley.

Why choose Unstoppable Domains?

One of the biggest advantages of Unstoppable Domains is that you can create an easily recognizable address to point people to your NFT gallery. Also, the domain is inexpensive and there are no renewal fees. If you are looking to get viewers from a social media post to your NFT gallery, then using Unstoppable Domains is a smart choice.

As you can see, there are a number of interesting virtual NFT gallery platforms available. You may be interested in displaying your collection in one or more of these NFT galleries. Also, you should consider displaying one or more of your work on the Million Dollar Token Page.

Consider the pros and cons of each option before you commit any time or money towards the creator of these galleries. Additionally, be sure to look out for new NFT galleries that should emerge over the next few months. Chances are that you will have many more options available as NFT galleries grow in popularity.