Represent your community in style with Frames 🖼

DAOs, alpha-groups, token-gated communities and any other non-PFP NFTs, isn't it time you were represented on you community members' profiles? We think so too. we're so excited to show you a new way to get your members feeling proud 👇

As you know, most of the NFT market these days is fuelled by PFP projects. These projects have the amazing power that people actually use the token they buy to represent themselves on twitter / discord / wherever by changing their PFP.

It's a level of engagement ex-web2 people like me can only dream of 🔥

But it means a whole bunch of projects like DAOs, token-gated communities, tool memberships and non-PFP projects (like MDTP) don't get to benefit from this amazing community hype-spreading. So we're fixing that with our new product, we call it:

(or Profile Frames, or PFFs 😛)

Here's an example of what we're talking about:

These are my new profile pictures with my awesome MDTP frame.

You can see it on Twitter and on Discord. Looks great doesn't it? I love it because within the profile picture I'm able to use an NFT I love (shoutout to Outkast NFT) and I can show my allegiance to MDTP with my frame. You can even see my profile on LinkedIn where I dare not set an NFT PFP but can still use the frame 🙌.

Frames give NFT communities an easy way for members to show their allegiances wherever they can have a profile picture!

Our Problem at MDTP

When we launched MillionDollarTokenPage back in September, we quickly discovered a problem. Let me paint a picture.

We truly believe NFTs are the future of ownership. So we built a site where you buy a block of space and can edit it to show off your favorite thing in the world to everyone that visits our site (up to thousands of people a day!). When you buy a block, you get an NFT and that's what controls your permissions to edit the block.

But our NFT itself doesn't have any artistic value - we want our owners to be creative themselves. This made it harder to sell in a world where everyone came to the discord saying "wen reveal" and "what do you mean i can set content on the site".

Our NFTs currently look like this on OpenSea:

We realized that we don't have the key advantages of PFP NFT projects - representation on a timeline. Let's be honest, even I haven't thought for a second about using the MDTP black grid as my profile picture.

When people see a certain type of ape/penguin/sprite/etc all over their twitter and discord, it signals to them that this project is something people are willing to represent themselves with.

But, we're sure some of our community would love to rep MDTP. It's a cool place where we have fun, technical discussions and even help bring teams together.

A colorful new world

In the next couple of days everyone's MDTP tokens (v1 and v2) are going to be updated to include frames. All you have to do is go to PFP Kit and you'll be able to create your new PFP for use on Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Our frames at MDTP are really cool and feature some really interesting components. We'll probably do another blog post in a couple of weeks to go over the details but we'd love to discuss them with you in the mean time in our discord.

Here are some more awesome MDTP frames in action:

We love them 🤩🤩

With frames, the MDTP project gets two amazing benefits. Firstly our metadata on marketplaces looks great because we'll have the beautiful frames on each token. Secondly, our holders get the immediate utility of being able to use the frame as their profile picture, as they do with any other PFP project.

How Frames Work

The concept of frames have been around for while so it seems a bit rich for us to claim it's a new "product".

What we've designed is a new standard for how frames can be embedded into NFTs. It's actually very simple, all you need to do is include an extra field (frameImage) in your token's metadata. Here's an example from our friends at MintCalendar. It's really that simple.

We're also releasing PFP Kit - a great way to manage your NFT PFP in seconds. With PFP Kit, any NFT you own that has the new frame field set in the metadata will automatically appear as an option in the frames section.

Check this video to see just how easy it is:

Work with us

MintCalendar is an awesome token-gated community that we've had the pleasure of working on some tools with. When they heard about frames they LOVED the idea and we're super excited to have them as a launch partner. Here's what their frames look like:

Now when their members join another projects discord everyone there will know they are a team - they belong to the MintCalendar family and it will be obvious from their frame 🔥🔥🔥

Now that we've got frames released, we're very keen to see how you use them. If you have a frame set up, send it over to us - we're putting together a collection of the best examples and we want you in there!

You can actually add frames to your own NFT without any help  from us at all, the instructions are super simple.

If you want us to help though just reach out to us in our discord.

As usual, follow us on Twitter and jump in our Discord (it's not like any others) to stay up to date and get in touch with us!

Let's go frame some profiles...