Million Dollar Token Page (MDTP) has rebranded to Token Page!

Million Dollar Token Page (MDTP) has grown up from a small hackathon project into a fully fledged Web3 company with a growing number of products, clients and community!

Today we'll leave the ode to our original inspiration ( behind by dropping the MD and keeping only the TP! 🤩

'Million Dollar Token Page' from now on is simply 'Token Page'!

To make this super clear, (MDTP) still exists as a product, but it is just one of the many products and projects that belong under the larger Community and Company that is called Token Page!

Our new logo is an evolution on the original one as shown below. We are simplifying and streamlining it by keeping our brand colours without the letters.

Mission & Values

Token Page embodies the same mission of MDTP in creating a Homepage for the Metaverse except we believe it will look different per NFT project, with each one having its very own Token Page! We hope to make this vision clearer over time! 🔮

The values that guide us are:

  • Empower Builders and Creators in Web3 with our products and services
  • Speed up adoption of Web3 by those on the Web
  • Push forward the boundaries in Web3 through innovation in the space


The community continues to be a big part of the vision and the goal remains the same:

To be a space for builders and creators in Web3 to learn, share and grow from each other! ⚒️

NFTs bought on (MDTP) are still our Community NFTs! So buying space on MDTP not only allows you to use that space, plus get a snazzy profile frame, but it also gives you access to future utility within our community and family of products!

Its an important goal for us to make MDTP NFTs accrue more and more value and utility over time!

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Where are we today?

Token Page already has a growing family of different products:

We also have consulted for and helped build projects like:

Where will be tomorrow?

We're still building the Homepage for the Metaverse - how exactly that will look is hard to know as it will take a lot of iteration and experimentation!

Because of this there isn't an exact plan or roadmap, however there are more hints of the experimentation to come from our original MDTP roadmap below - which means its just as relevant as ever!

Our Old MDTP Roadmap still hints at the experimentation to come!

The fundamental goal though will always be to deliver value for our clients, community and NFT holders!

You are all just as important to us now as ever! Let's keep riding this ship to the moon! 🚀🌕

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